sassy show doll - FAQ - Terms Conditons

FAQ’s and T&C’s


Where are the parties held?

The parties are held in one of Sassy’s pre-selected studios in London and the surrounding areas (listed below) or at your own choice of venue, (including your own home) Subject to location and approval.

Area’s covered; London (Central, West, North South, East) ,Uxbridge, Watford, High Wycombe, Denham, Chalfont, Gerard’s Cross, Windsor, Kingston, Harrow, Pinner, Eailing, Wembley) If your area is not listed here, please contact Sassy, as special arrangements can be made in some cases.

When are the parties held?

Parties are held on Saturday afternoons; however special arrangements can be made on some occasions-subject to availability. Please contact Sassy for more information.

Is studio hire included in the price?

All prices listed are inclusive of studio hire. Prices listed are based on Party being held at one of Sassy’s pre-selected venues. If you would like your Dance party to be held at your home, no studio fee would be charged, however travel costs would be charged instead. If you would like your party held at a venue of your choice, studio hire costs would need to be added on top (where relevant)  Travel costs would also need to be charged at the appropriate rate. Please contact Sassy for a quote. Subject to availability.

How do we Pay for our party?

All deposits and full balances can be paid either by BACS transfer, cheque or requesting a Paypal Invoice. All deposits and full payments are non transferable.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

(Note – You do not need a Paypal account to receive or make payment on the Paypal invoice. Paypal merely act as a secure host for payment.)

How much is the deposit?

To secure a booking, a deposit of £60 is required. This is non refundable. Bookings and dates are not held or secured, until this deposit has been paid.

When does the full balance need to be paid by?

The remaining balance is to be paid in full, a minimum of 28 days prior to the party date. If you are booking your party within the 28 days prior to your party date, the full amount is payable, and no refunds is given. Upon Payment , whether paid in Part of full, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Party bookings, as stated on this website.

When do I need to confirm the number of people in my party?

Final numbers must be confirmed at least 28 days prior to the event. If numbers decrease in size after the 28 days, and you have booked and paid for your party already, no refund will be given on any lesser number. If numbers increase in size after the 28 days extra charges for those additional people (per head) will apply. If you have paid for your party in full before the 28 days, and numbers decrease in size, a refund may be given at Sassy’s discretion. If numbers increase in size before the 28 days normal charges per head will apply.

(The above is dependent on which category of minimum participants your party falls into)

All accessories/props that you would like for your party needs to be confirmed a minimum of 28 day’s before your party date.

What if I have to cancel my party?

All deposits paid are non-refundable. If you have paid for your party in full, before the 28 day’s a full refund will be given, minus the deposit and a £10 administration fee. If you wish to cancel your party within the 28 days prior to your party, no refund will be given.

What shall I wear?

Fancy Dress from your theme! For all dance parties, Sassy recommends you come dressed to impress! It really helps you get into the character of your dance theme if you come dressed in the style of your party package. Full costumes can be hired or purchased from Sassy at an additional fee, upon request. However all props and accessories will be provided at the dance party and are already included in the price.

Who teaches the dance section of the parties?

All Dance Parties are taught by Sassy where possible. If this is not possible, Sassy has a fabulous bank of Show-Doll Instructors on hand, to provide you with an equally fabulous experience. All Instructors are professional performers and teachers, and are of the highest calibre. Hand-picked specifically by Sassy.

Who does my Hair and Make-Up?

A Professional Hair and Make-Up team are in place to ensure you and your party look their absolute best. All artists are fully trained professionals, used to glamourizing girls for events such as professional photo-shoots, fashion Shows, film, TV and theatre.

How do I decide my Hair and Make-up look?

For all Dolled Up experiences, (Hair and Make-up) we have a fantastic look book of styles for you to choose your look from on the day, but please feel free to bring in any of your own images of inspiration to the Hair and Make-up team.

I only want either my Hair or Make-Up done – do I need to have both?

Nope! If you’d prefer our artists to only make over your hair or make-up, that’s fine, just let them know what you want them to do. They can also just enhance what you’ve already done, so maybe give your hair a bit of extra va va voom or get that smokey eye effect going. Your look is just that – yours!

I have chosen one of the Music Video Packages, which song do we perform to?

You decide! But if you need some guidance on which kind of song would work best on camera (and be the easiest to learn the words too!) Sassy will be on hand to advise. Your song needs to be chosen no later than 28 days before the party date, as the routine will need to be choreographed specifically for you and your party. Once your song is decided (the sooner the better) the whole party needs to learn EVERY word of the song (the lyrics will be sent to you for the version of the song you are performing)

Who films the Music Video?

A fully equipped Professional Video Production team are employed to make your Music Video as slick and as close to the real thing as possible. They have years of experience working within the TV , Film and Music Video industries, so be rest assured that you are in the most professional of hands. They will make you feel at ease on the day and really get the best out of you. You looking good is their priority. You will be truly wowed by the results, and get to see yourselves like true Music Video starlets for one night only! You will receive your DVD copy within two weeks of your Party.

How much are the additional copies of the Music Video on DVD to purchase?

£8.00. These can be ordered directly through your Videographer. (Contact details sent to you upon booking) Any additional postage costs are at Videographers discretion.

How do I purchase the additional copies of the Music Video on DVD?

Upon booking, the contact details of the Music Video Production team will be sent to you, for you to purchase the DVDs.

How much are the additional copies of photographs or a disc of all the pictures taken on the photo-shoot day?

How do I purchase the additional prints or a disc of the pictures taken?

Upon booking, the contact details of the Photographer will be sent to you, for you to purchase prints.

Who takes the Professional Photo’s?

A fully equipped, professional photographic team are on hand to make sure your shots are picture perfect. You will be guided through shot by shot, making sure we have got your best angles. The team are highly experienced professionals in their field and are of the highest standard, with experience in professional editorials and live events.

How much are the additional copies of photographs or a disc of all the pictures taken on the photo-shoot day?

6 x 4   –   £5.00 each

7 x 5  –   £7.00 each

6 x 8  –  £8.00 each

8 x 10 –  £17 each

12 x 8 –  £19.00 each

10 x 12 – £22.50 each

£10.00 per airbrushed print

£40.00 disc of all photos

How do I purchase the additional prints or a disc of the pictures taken on the day?

Upon booking, the contact details of the Photographer will be sent to you for you to purchase prints. Your photographer will send you via email or a holding website all the prints taken on the day (with a water mark) and you can then select each photo you would like to purchase in each size, or choose to purchase all the images on a Disc.

When do we decide on which image will be the complimentary print?

When all the prints are sent across for you to view either via email on the holding website, you can then select your complimentary airbrushed 6 x 8 photographic print.

Can Men come on the parties?

No. Sorry guys! Ladies only.


How do I pay for a Sassy Academy Course?

Sassy Academy courses are available to purchase online only, through PayPal.

How far in advance do I need to book onto a Sassy Academy Course?

Courses can be signed up to until the course is sold out. Please note that there are only a limited number of spaces available on each course, to ensure each student receives adequate attention on their chosen course. So advanced booking is advised.

Are the courses refundable?

Courses are strictly non refundable. Once a course has been booked and paid for, only a transfer to another course is available up to 7 days before the start date of the course. On any course transferred to,  that is of a higher value, the difference will need to be paid. On any course transferred to that is of a lower value, no refund will be issued.

No transfers will be available less than 7 day’s prior to the start date of the course or once the course has started.

How many Showgirl Body Bootcamp sessions are there each week?

There are 3 sessions each week. Each session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

So how many hours a week are the Showgirl Body Bootcamp sessions in total?

3 hours 45 minutes

So over the 6 week Showgirl Body Bootcamp Course, how many hours of exercise will I have completed?

16 and a half hours.

I don’t understand how the Showgirl Bootcamp sessions work. Do I need to attend each one?

Yes.The Showgirl Body Bootcamp programme has been devised to fully enhance your goals of losing weight and toning up. If you have purchased the Showgirl Body Bootcamp session, you have paid for all 3 sessions per week for the duration of the 6 week course. So it is in your favour to attend all of the sessions.

I can’t make one/a couple of the Showgirl Body Bootcamp sessions. What happens now?

It’s fine if you can’t make all of the sessions. Each session will be totally different to the previous and following sessions, so you won’t be lost when you return. It really is purely for YOUR benefit to attend all the sessions.

I am not very fit, will the Bootcamp be too hard for me?

No. Each course has only a limited number of participants so that all of you will be worked to your individual capabilities. You will be offered low and high impact options on every section of the class, so do whatever you feel your body can cope with. Over the weeks, you will really find your fitness levels increasing regardless of where you started out. Every single person that attends the Bootcamp is different, so please only do what YOUR body permits.

I am quite fit and active, will the Bootcamp be too easy for me?

No. Each section of the classes will have both low and high impact options. If you feel, or I can see that you are not being pushed enough, you soon will be, let me tell you! You won’t have carried out this specific regime before, so you will be challenged regardless.

Will I ache after the sessions?

Short answer, Yes. No pain, no gain. If you don’t feel anything after initially starting any exercise programme, your either doing it wrong, or it doesn’t work. After the 2nd week though, on the Showgirl Body Bootcamp sessions, your body will start to get used to the fact that your body is exercising, and it will hurt significantly less! You will be fully stretching out the muscles after every single session, so the pain will be a good pain, not a cramp one!

I have an on going injury/condition, should I sign up to the Bootcamp?

If you have seen your doctor, and they have advised you to see advice from your fitness professional before starting any exercise programme, then please contact me before booking onto the course. If you have an ongoing injury/condition that you are still able to exercise on, that is fine, but please state the condition on the disclaimer and Par Q, that all participants are required to complete and sign, before commencing on any Sassy Academy course, class or dance party.

I am/think I might be pregnant. Can I sign up to the Showgirl Body Bootcamp Course?

No. If you are, or think you might be pregnant, the Bootcamp will not be suitable for you.

What do I need to wear to the Showgirl Body Bootcamp sessions?

Sport/workout wear that you can move freely in, and feel comfortable in. It is also advisable to bring a long sleeved top for the warm up and cool down sections of the class and ready to put on when you go outside. Appropriate footwear is essential. Barefoot is not recommended, however socks can be worn, as long as the back heal on both feet is exposed. Trainers or plimpsoles are advised.

Please bring Water with you and a towel if you would like.

What do I need to wear to the Caburlesque sessions?

Anything you can move and feel comfortable in. If you would like to dress up – do! If you’d prefer to wear sports/work-out wear – do! It’s entirely up to you. As Caburlesque is a little Sexy  and probably a world away from your day job, putting on some extra lippy, a fascinator or  some discreet (or not so discreet!) stockings, or even just letting your hair down, will always ensure the vixen in you is ready to come out and play! But it’s more important that whatever you wear, you can MOVE in! The props provided will set the scene for you.

You can wear heals too. Not too high though – again, I would like you to be able to move! And only heals that have straps around the ankle for support. You don’t have to wear heals, if you can strut just as good without heals, that’s fine! But STRICTLY NO CLUMPY TRAINERS for this class please! Barefoot and Plimpsoles are fine.

It say’s that ‘Opera length gloves are not provided in the sessions’ What are they and do I need them for the Caburlesque course?

Opera length gloves are the long (up to your elbow) satin gloves  that you can wear. You can buy these from most fancy dress shops and online.  Yes, you DO need them for the course. (You will be taught how to remove them, and will be one of the major props on the course) If you don’t have a pair, you can purchase some from Sassy on the first day of the course. Please let her know upon booking if you require any (just send an email to are £6.00.

Is there any stripping involved on the Caburlesque course?

No. It’s all about the tease.

What shall I wear to the Belly Dance Courses?

Anything you can move and feel comfortable in. Hip belts and Hip scarves are encouraged, as they help you to focus on the hip area ( great for isolations) they’ll help you look the part, and the coin belts sound great! Shimmy shimmy shimmy! Skirts, leggings and trousers are all fine, as long as none of them restrict your movement. You don’t need to wear a crop top, again, anything you feel comfortable in is fine. Barefoot or ballet slippers are best.

What shall I wear to the Urban Belly Dance Sessions?

Anything you can move and feel comfortable in.  Because you will be doing Street/Hip Hop moves, trousers/shorts are probably best. Hip belts and hip scarves are encouraged as they help you to focus on that area (great for isolations) they’ll help you look the part, and the coin belts sound great! Shimmy shimmy shimmy! Plimpsoles, barefoot or ballet slippers are best. No clumpy traners!

Can men attend any of the courses?

No. Sorry guy’s! Ladies only.

Sassy La Showdoll is a fully trained and qualified ETM Fitness instructor, a member of REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) a fully qualified IDTA, Associate Freestyle Dance and IDTA, Associate Belly Dance Teacher. Sassy La Showdoll is fully insured to and qualified to conduct a group of individuals in a Dance or Fitness class, or dance party setting.

Sassy La Showdoll and the staff she employs strive to ensure that either through your courses or parties booked, that you will receive the highest standards of service.

Sassy La Showdoll reserves the right to change locations and times of both course and parties up to 24 hours before the date. This will only be carried out if unforeseen circumstances arise.

If under very rare circumstances Sassy La Showdoll cannot make a class or dance party booking, another fully qualified, trained and insured Instructor will be provided in replacement. If no replacement can be made, a refund of the missed session will be given to you.

Sassy La Showdoll does not keep any record of your financial information and under no circumstances is any of your financial, personal or contact information passed on to a third party.

Payments are only made to us via Paypal, Cheque, or BACS transfer. At no point does Sassy La Showdoll view any details of your financial details.

Sassy La Showdoll accepts no responsibility for any injuries occurred either before during or after any sessions conducted by us. By participating in our classes, workshops or dance parties, you are deeming yourself fit for the session and are confirming that you have not been instructed by a Doctor or any other health professional not to participate in the activity booked. Before starting any dance or exercise class or dance party, you should always consult your doctor. Any on-going health complaints should be stated on the disclaimer and PAR Q you are required to complete and sign before commencing any class, course or dance party with us.

All terms and conditions related to Performance bookings will be sent to you upon request.

Sassy La Showdoll and any staff employed under Sassy La Showdoll will accept no abusive or rude behaviour from anyone booking or booked onto any Course, Dance Party or Performance booking.  If you have already paid for your Course, Dance Party or Performance booking or have part paid for any Course, Dance Party or Performance booking no refund will be given on any monies paid to Sassy La Showdoll – if behaviour by anyone booking or booked onto a Course, Dance Party or booking Sassy as a performer is deemed to be abusive or rude by Sassy or any members of her staff. If anyone booked onto any course or Dance Party is deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be asked to leave the Course or Dance Party and no monies will be refunded.