Showgirl Sparkle

Showgirl Sparkle

Anyone for some sparkle? This is Sassy’s ultimate costume show stopper! A glimpse into the Showgirls Dressing Room, Sassy plays up to the crowd as she De-sparkles after the show. Think cheeky Vegas Showgirl, now add a Sassy Jazz routine, a little tease, crystal’s, rhinestones and feathers than you even imagined existed and get ready to be dazzled! Topped off with her Crystal Dressing Screen and Luxurious Chaise Lounge and the Climax…Sassy’s Signature Glitter Cannon.


latina tease


Tease From the Middle East

Let Sassy transport you into an Exotic World of Middle Eastern Charm and Sparkle as this Enchanting Temptress teases you with rippling undulations and shimmies sensations. Think Tassles, Sparkles, Feather bustles & Sword Play. A lively fusion of Belly Dance and Burlesque…I hope you’ve got your passport! (With or without Fire)


fever hot

A Whole New Jasmine
Princess Jasmine is a bit Vamped up! Free from the confines of her Gated Castle in Agrabah, Princess Jasmine lets loose on her first night of freedom Teasing and Entertaining the villagers in a very lively all Dancing, Belly Dancing, Sword Balancing Arabic Exotic Delight, full of Middle Eastern Sparkle and Charm. Off course topped off with a Glitter Finale! (With or without Fire)



A Glamorous Siren returns home after an evening of being wined and dined on the Hollywood Boulevard, only to want to show you all of the sparkles she’s acquired. Or does she?! A Teasing, Lively and Glamorous Feather Fan Dance.

fever hot

Latina Tease


This passionate Latina knows how to Tease! High Energy, this Fiesty Latina, will take you on an exotic escapade to downtown Cubana! A sultry Taverna with teases, tricks and tassels your exotic adventure will be topped off of course, with Sparkly Finale. Ay Papi!

Tiki Temptress

This Tiki Teaser is a little lost? This Hawaiian Doll wants to show you how her Islanders Dance… Those hips can shimmy! Teasing, lively, authentic and exotic with a beautiful flower finale!


fire shows

Scorching Senorita

This Showdoll is one smokin’ hot Senoritã! A fiery Latina, Sassy fuses Latin moves with Fire in this spectacularly vibrant number. A lively teasing routine with shimmying shoulders and even faster shimmying hips, body burning and fire eating this Latina lovely really heats things up in this exotic escapade.
fire dance

Flaming Temptress

Let Sassy transport you into an Exotic World of Middle Eastern Charm and Sparkle as this Enchanting Temptress teases you with rippling undulations, shimmies sensations & Fiery Fire Play! Think Feathers and Flames as this Exotic Goddess makes things hot as the Arabian Desert, as she teases you with Body Burning and Sizzling Shimmies. A fiery fusion of Belly Dance and Burlesque.

Sixties Siren

This Mini Skirt was made for High Kicking! Sultry & Swinging this smoking sixties honey gets the party started with this lively fiery piece.

Hawaiian Heat

This Hawaiian Doll wants to show you how her Islanders play! Those hips can shimmy with some fire play. Teasing, lively, authentic and exotic with a fiery finale

Fever Hot

Sassy quite literally burns up a fever in this Sultry Fire & Jazz number. A slow & sexy routine culminates in a sizzling Fire show. Body burning and Fire Eating a plenty, this act also includes Sassy’s crystal dressing screen & chaise lounge & an equally fabulous smoking hot costume.

fire dance


christmas acts

Santa’s Little Showdoll

Sassy knows exactly how to get her wish list…A Classic Christmas Tease with some Christmas Kisses at the ready for someone extremely lucky. Sassy teases her way through a Christmas escapade before finishing in a wintery Christmas Snow Storm.

Have yourself a Belly Little Christmas

The perfect Christmas showstopper! Sassy creates a Winter Wonderland for you to be enthralled in. There may even be some Mistletoe! Belly Dancing to great Christmas Beats. The Belly Christmas Show!

Baby it’s Hot Outside!

Need a log fire to warm you up this Christmas? Have Sassy warm you you up instead! Christmas Fire to light up any Christmas event. Enquire here